Do you want to know your Creator better?

Do you want to have a closer relationship with Christ?

Do you struggle in your daily walk with our Lord?

Do you struggle to have time to connect with the Word?

 To assist you with these questions we are providing a few Podcasts (from a vast array of options). You can listen to these and other Podcasts waking up, working out, getting ready to go to work, commuting, ending your day, etc. Podcasts include listening to the Bible; renown local and international leaders/churches; etc.

No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, the Lord will speak to you. Enjoy!

– Samuel Ortiz ( Link to Sam’s MySite )

Spiritual Growth Podcasts:
Daily Audio Bible (the Bible in 1 year)

Rick Warren Daily Hope

Joel Osteen Audio Podcast

Andy Stanley Your-move

Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast

Kerry Shook Ministries

Bethel Church Sermon Week

Timothy Keller Sermons

Joseph Prince Audio Podcast

Focus on the Family Daily Podcast

Hillsong Church Brian Houston