• The CCEM is a community of ExxonMobil employees located at the Houston Campus with a common interest, participating in a simple framework for Christians in the workplace to meet, communicate ongoing or new events, and interact in a professional environment

Desired Outcome

  • Enable individuals/groups to effectively communicate Christian activities with those that have a common interest
  • Create greater awareness within the Campus Christian community of ExxonMobil; thus building encouragement, support, and fellowship
  • Facilitate the personal growth and the development of organic relationships among the ExxonMobil Christian community
  • Establish and maintain open lines of communication with EM management and HR consistent with the guiding principles for religious activities in the workplace to facilitate individual leadership and participation 


  • The CCEM is a forum intended to serve as a hub or launch point for Christian workplace initiatives and activities at the Houston Campus
  • The CCEM is open to everyone in ExxonMobil and exists to provide a connection point for relationships to develop at the Campus, however individuals have personal ownership for interactions
  • Individuals within the network are encouraged to take the lead in supporting the Christian community within EM,  which may include organizing group discussion, prayer, studies, etc.; however CCEM is not intended to have direct responsibility or sanction these activities
  • Periodic communications are sent to everyone on the CCEM distribution list regarding upcoming Christian events, community happenings, etc.