Terms of Use

  1. Periodic Communication – By joining the CCEM mailing list, user understands periodic network communication will be sent to the email address supplied. User will have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.
  2. Affiliation with ExxonMobil – To participate in the CCEM mailing list or CCEM studies/events, user confirms their affiliation with ExxonMobil (i.e. Employee, Spouse of Employee, Child of Employee, Staff Contractor, etc.).
  3. Location Access – To participate in CCEM activities, user understands they must have access to the event location. CCEM will not provide or necessarily facilitate access to ExxonMobil sites.
  4. Event Details – User is responsible for contacting event/study lead to register for an event and obtain official details. Event/study times & locations are subject to change and CCEM does not guarantee locations and times are current.
  5. Posting an Event – To post an event, user must submit a formal request through the CCEM website. CCEM reserves the right to deny any formal request for posting.