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Successful Alpha Series held at Greenspoint (Spring 2014)


A successful Alpha event was held in the Spring of 2014 on Tuesdays over lunch in the Greenspoint complex.  The group of ~10 had some great discussions based around God’s word and grew in fellowship with each other. It was an exciting opportunity to see how God can work anywhere.  Watch for a New Campus Alpha Course starting up in the future!

What is Alpha?


The Alpha course is a practical introduction to the Christian faith that gives guests an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.  Alpha is fun, relaxed and totally non-pressured (that’s probably why over 19 mil. people around the world have already done it!).  Alpha is a place where no question is off limits.”

A New Fall Series at EMB – Nicky Gumbel’s “A Life Worth Living”

sunset_alifeworthliving ALifeWorthLiving_Book alifeworthliving_jump


A new “Life Beyond Alpha” series is about to begin downtown at EMB. This is a series of 9 sessions, where participants view and discuss Nicky Gumbel’s “A Life Worth Living” videos on Philippians.  The group meets at EMB 1088 every Wednesday from 12:00nn to 1:00pm, beginning on September 3, 2014. This is a brownbag series and everyone is welcome to bring and have their lunch while watching the video clip. Come and see!