CCEM deeply believes in the power of prayer. We regularly meet to pray for our community, and we would love to pray for your specific needs!

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Please join the CCEM community in the 2nd Quarter of 2021 as we pray along with the National Day of Prayer Committee for God to pour out His Love, Life and Liberty. To learn more, see here


Please join the CCEM community in the 1st Quarter of 2021 as we pray for the health and safety, and well-being of our community and country.

  • For the health and safety of our friends and family through the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • For those in our community who have been impacted by the recent company reductions.
  • That our community would be intentional with our connections and interactions in 2021. That love, grace, and truth would transform our hearts, and impact our actions; and that those actions would have a positive impact on our company and our communities.
  • To lift up our nation’s leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-3), we pray for the President, Vice President, Congress and Supreme Court, that they may love the law of the Lord (Psalm 1:1-2) and that God provides them wisdom (Ephesians 3:10).


Please join the CCEM community in the 4th Quarter of 2020 as we pray along with our ExxonMobil brothers and sisters across the globe.

  • For the 4th Quarter of 2020, we will be following along with the 2020 EM GDOP 40 Days of Prayer and Devotionals leading up to GDOP 2020.
  • To follow along, see or subscribe to the 2020 EM GDOP Devotionals.


Please join the CCEM community in the 3rd Quarter of 2020 as we pray for our company and our country.

CCEM Historical Quarterly Prayer Focus Areas

Below are some of the areas where we have been focusing our prayer. We invite you to pray along with us each quarter.

Please join the CCEM community in the 4th Quarter of 2018 as we pray:

  • For the unity of the Church. That all Christians would unite behind the common cause of loving God and loving the world. That all Christians would find and grow in a thriving community of believers. That we, as Christians, would live out a life that glorifies God and encourages others to seek Him.

Please join the CCEM community in the 3rd Quarter of 2018 as we pray:

  • For the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of each member of our community. For the spiritual, emotion, and physical health of everyone at ExxonMobil. That any at ExxonMobil who do not know Jesus will come to know Him. That those who do know Him will draw closer to Him each day.

Please join the CCEM community in the 2nd Quarter of 2018 as we pray:

  • That God will teach us to love in the same way that He loves. That we will look to serve and not be served. That we will learn to represent Jesus in all that we think, say, and do. That all will recognize Jesus’s great love and power by the manner in which we live.

Please join the CCEM community in the 1st Quarter of 2018 as we praise God:

  • Please join the CCEM community as we praise God for His abundant blessings, and for the fact that He is continually working for the good of those who love Him. Let us pray for our community: That God will heal those who are hurting, reveal Himself to those who are lost, and that He will use us to show His great love.

Please join the CCEM community in the 4th Quarter of 2017 as we pray:

  • For God’s continued provision. For the fact that we work at a company that allows us to freely express our faith. For the fact that we live in a country where we may freely worship God. Let us also thank God for sending His Son to die for us, so that we may live with Him forever – we are so loved!

Reflect on 3rd Quarter 2017 Prayer Requests

  • For all those affected by Harvey. That God will use this disaster to demonstrate His love, grace, and power. That we are able to serve and love others as Christ intends, even in the midst of adversity and personal trials.

Reflect on 2nd Quarter 2017 Prayer Requests

  • That at this critical time for our nation, God would hear our prayers. That the people of our country would come to recognize Jesus and his great love. That those in leadership positions in government, the military, businesses, education, and churches will lead in a manner that pleases God. That God would heal the many scars covering our nation.

Reflect on 1st Quarter 2017 Prayer Requests:

  • That God will teach us to live in dependence on Him. That our every action, decision, and thought would be driven by the Word, and that our lives would be a reflection of Jesus and His great love.

Reflect on 4th Quarter 2016 Prayer Requests:

  • That God will give us all a heart of prayer. Not out of duty, nor obligation or ritual, but out of love and dependency on Him. We also pray that we would all recognize the power of prayer, and the importance of connecting with Him.
  • For unity within our country. That our leaders will lean on God and that we, as a country, proceed forward in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

Reflect on 3rd Quarter 2016 Prayer Requests:

  • That individuals would know that their value is in Christ. That God so loved each of us that He sent His only Son to die on a Cross for our salvation.
  • That we would have an eternal focus, recognizing that the successes of this world are temporary, but that treasures stored up in heaven cannot be destroyed.
  • The God would reveal ways for us to share His compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness and love in the workplace.

Reflect on 2nd Quarter 2016 Prayer Requests:

    • That we would fearlessly and relentlessly engage with and love our neighbors (our coworkers) the way that Jesus loved and calls us to love; with kindness, compassion, forgiveness, grace, and humility
    • For a community that would be committed to building one another up and speaking words of encouragement and truth into the lives of our brothers and sisters in challenging times
    • That we would trust God is present in our workplaces through us, and that Christ would manifest himself to others in the way we conduct our business, make decisions, and lead

Reflect on 1st Quarter 2016 Prayer Requests:

      • That we would glorify our Father in heaven with our lives here at work and shine His light throughout the workweek, not just on Sundays
      • That we would recognize opportunities to reflect Christ in the way we conduct our business, provide service to the company, and in the love we show our co-workers
      • For Alpha 2016 to reach the hearts of our colleagues that they would come to encounter God and understand the depth of His grace, love and mercy for them

Reflect on 4th Quarter 2015 Prayer Requests:

      • For daily reflection of the gospel, that the truth would transform our minds and our day-to-day conversations & interactions with co-workers
      • That the way we live would reflect the gratitude we hold in our hearts for Jesus and His saving grace
      • For servant-like hearts and attitudes in our homes, communities, and the workplace
      • For wisdom in stewardship as we enter a season of giving

Reflect on 3rd Quarter 2015 Prayer Requests:

      • For our brothers and sisters to find community in new work location and new homes
      • That our common faith will spur on real connection within the workplace
      • We would actively welcome and show love to new employees to our organizations
      • Our hearts would be attentive to the needs of our co-workers and recognize opportunities of divine connection

Reflect on 2nd Quarter 2015 Prayer Requests:

      • For our community of believers to experience spiritual renewal and growth
      • That as we reflect on Easter, we would have a strengthened sense of hope that comes with our Lord’s conquering of the grave
      • That we might grow closer to God and walk nearer to Him (especially while at work!)

Reflect on 1st Quarter 2015 Prayer Requests:

    • The Christian Community at ExxonMobil to grow and glorify God
    • Those in the community to be encouraged to find ways to live out their faith at work
    • Christian fellowship to thrive within the ExxonMobil community