2019 Alpha Celebration

Join us for the closing celebration of Alpha 2019 On May 8th at noon in S1.1A.455!

 Here is the EventX link

We will celebrate with lunch and cake and will welcome Tim McIlwain, Senior Vice President of Permian Operations at XTO Energy, as our special guest speaker.


Tim was born in Mobile, Alabama. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum engineering from Louisiana State University.


Tim has spent 34 years in the industry, with the last 20 being at XTO. He came to XTO through an acquisition in 1998 and served as engineering manager in the newly-formed East Texas Division. In 2005, he moved to Fort Worth to start the Fort Worth Division (Barnett), serving as vice president. In 2011, Tim moved to Pittsburgh to start the Appalachia Division as senior vice president.


In 2013, he returned to Fort Worth to serve as senior vice president, Production Operations. Tim assumed his current role as senior vice president, Permian Operations in May 2018, leading the company’s effort to triple production in the Permian Basin by 2025.

Bible Study Fellowship: Acts and the Letters of the Apostles

Join the BSF ExxonMobil Satellite this fall to study Acts and the Letters of the Apostles. Satellite classes will meet from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm on Tuesdays.

The next study in Bible Study Fellowship, starting in the Fall of 2019, will be Acts and Letters of the Apostles.  In order of appearance: Acts, 1 Peter, Hebrews, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 Corinthians and James. If you’ve been in BSF awhile, you may notice the lineup is different than previous years of this study. The revised study provides a 30-week format and allows us to spend more time in other portions of the study. (For example, we’ll spend four weeks exploring 1 Corinthians, rather than two, as we have before.) To accommodate this, we have trimmed some epistles from the study – 2 Corinthians, Ephesians, 2 Peter and Jude. We would like to reconstitute these and other BSF materials to create several shorter, off-season studies in the future.  See the following video for encouragement to attend!

Check out the Promo Video

To join the Women’s group, please contact Sharon Snoddy.

To join the Men’s group, please contact Stuart Holland.

New Baton Rouge Bible Study!

This group is a Christian base community that works in ExxonMobil which  meet biweekly in order to share the gospel and fellowship .

We are a support group for each other.

When a brother or sister is in need, we attempt to help each other in a Christ like manner .

Meetings rotate each week

BRCP CPN Room 112 4/2/19 at 11 am

BRRF CMB  lunchroom the following week

Contacts: Cory Liotto – 225-290-3584 & Joshua Madsen – 225-620-2431

Hughes Landing Prayer Group

But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly;

The Lord will hear when I call to Him. – Psalm 4:3

Frequency: Once in 2 weeks

Day and Time: Thursday 12pm to 12:30 pm


·         3 minutes – Welcome and Bible Reading

·         7 minutes – Devotion

·         20 minutes – Prayer

Contact: To be added to the meeting notice contact Irvin Rufus

April 12 – Golf Tournament Benefitting 1960 Hope Center for Homelessness

Sign up for this Golf Tournament on Friday April 12 benefitting the 1960 Hope Center for Homelessness. See more details in the pamphlet images below. (Note that this is not an unexcused absence from work)

The 1960 Hope Center is a 501(c)(3) organization ministering to adults experiencing homelessness. This resource center for the unemployed and homeless is dedicated to providing basic necessities and a pathway back to a productive lifestyle. 1960 Hope Center has served more than 1,200 individuals in the first two years of being open. Currently, almost 50 people per day are provided services such as showers, laundry, haircuts, clothing, breakfast, lunch, incentive life skills classes, AA, Bible study, counseling, ID and housing support, and more. With the help of caseworkers, RN’s, social workers, clergy, and a devoted team of volunteers, people are finding jobs, housing, mental health and rehabilitation help, and a restoration of hope. 1960 Hope Center is working to be a solution for the homeless issue in northwest Houston. For more information about 1960 Hope Center, see below and the website at https://www.1960hopecenter.com/

Contact Joe Claman for more information or to get connected with other ExxonMobil folks.


Catholic Faith Study – The Papacy

image of peter

Catholic Faith Study Classes are resuming for the New Year! The dates are Thursday 1/10/19 and 1/17/19

The next session will cover the Papacy or the Office of the Pope. In this class Scripture and history will be used to cover the following:

·       The primacy of Peter

·       Peter as head of the Apostles

·       Peter as the “Rock” upon which the Church was built

·       The power of “Binding and Loosing”

·       The “Keys of the Kingdom”

·       Apostolic Succession

Hope you can make it either in class or on SKYPE! See Skype link below. You can also contact Henry Avila to get on the distribution list.

People of all faiths welcome!

Join Skype Meeting

Join by phone

+1 832 624 1000 (USA, Houston)                  English (United States)

Conference ID: 776801395

Please contact Henry Avila to be added to the meeting invite.

Audio Files:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Scripture of the Papacy

The Office of the Pope

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