Role of CCEM

Is CCEM a company sponsored Employee Resource Group (ERG)? CCEM is not an EM Employee Resource Group but an EM Employee Club.
Who are the members of CCEM? CCEM is a community of Christian believers on the Houston Campus including Hughes Landing.
What is the role of CCEM?CCEM exists to connect and encourage Christians bring their full self to work and live out their faith in the workplace.
Who is the CCEM Core Team? A group of EM volunteers working on their personal time to manage CCEM functions at the EM Campus and the website. Contact us if you would like more information.
What is the geographic scope of CCEM? CCEM was created with a focus on the Houston Campus, however all are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter.
Can other EM employees outside of Houston also access CCEM material and website? CCEM is a public website and is accessible to anyone with internet access.
What denomination is CCEM?CCEM is Biblically-based and founded on the Apostles Creed. We do not focus on a specific denomination. Everyone is welcome to attend events and studies.

Risk of Participation

Do I risk career persecution for participating in CCEM events?CCEM abides by EM policies and maintains open lines of communication with EM Management and HR to ensure that CCEM activities are appropriate for the workplace..
Does EM allow me to participate in prayer meetings, Bible studies and other Christian activities in the workplace? EM does not discourage participation in religious activities as long as the events abide by EM policies. If you would like to learn more about EM’s “Guidance on Religious Activities in the Workplace,” please contact your HR representative.
As a supervisor, do I risk appearance and/or allegations of favoritism?Supervisors are expected to treat all their employees on the basis of merit without any appearance of favoritism. Managers are encouraged to contact their HR representative to review the “Guidance on Religious Activities in the Workplace”.
Is it allowed to use Company assets for religious activities in the workplace? A minimal level of incidental personal use of the Internet and e-mail is acceptable. The de minimis use of Company assets (computer, iDevice, meeting room, projection equipment, and other related) is allowed as long as they are in accordance with local laws and in compliance with EM policies and guidelines.

CCEM Membership

What is expected of me if I sign-up to join CCEM? There are no obligation for being a member of CCEM. Instead, members will have the opportunity to connect and fellowship with other believers in the workplace. Our hope and prayer is that members will connect and encourage one another in the community. CCEM members will receive communications about Christian events in the workplace including but not limited to Bible studies and prayer groups.
How is my information used by CCEM?Your information is only used to send periodic CCEM communications to you.  The information is not shared outside of the select group of core group volunteers who manage the communications and website.
How does CCEM ensure that privacy is protected? Where is my sign-up information stored? Your information is stored in a secure site and is only accessible to a subset of the core team that manages CCEM communication.
How does CCEM ensure that its website is not hacked by cyber criminals? We regularly conduct security reviews and penetration tests in order to ensure that data is kept private.

CCEM Support and Activities

If I have a prayer request, can CCEM pray for me? We believe the battle is fought on our knees and the most important work we can do is to pray for one another. We would love to pray for and with you if you submit your request here.
How are the prayer requests handled? All prayers are handled with discretion and privacy; they are not published on the CCEM website and only shared with the CCEM Prayer Team (a subset of the CCEM core team). The CCEM Prayer Team prays over the requests submitted through the website.
What activities does CCEM directly handle? – Besides the Website and newsletters, the CCEM Core Team also hosts a few events including Bring Your Bible to Work Day, National Day of Prayer and a Christmas party.
– CCEM also posts other Christian events such as bible studies, prayer groups etc. on its website to facilitate connection and encouragement of believers on the Houston Campus.
How are CCEM events, like the Christmas Party, funded?All CCEM events are primarily funded by unsolicited giving of other Christian believers.
If I want to financially support CCEM, how can I proceed?We would welcome your gift to support CCEM. CCEM is a part of the Christian Community at Work organization, a non-profit who seeks to further missions like that of CCEM’s. You can visit CCW’s website to donate (just be sure to indicate that your gift is intended for CCEM)
If I want to consider starting a Bible study or prayer group at campus, what support can CCEM provide? CCEM’s role is to connect and encourage Christians to live out their faith in the workplace. CCEM does not run bible studies or prayer groups, but can point you to others who can share from their experience and guide you accordingly. We also have a starter guide that you can find at this link.
How does CCEM decide which events to share with the community?Members are free and encouraged to submit events or studies in order to share them with broader CCEM community. Before the event is shared, the CCEM Core team prayerfully evaluates it against the following criteria:

1) Is the event in line with CCEM’s mission and values?
2) Does the event have an ExxonMobil contact? This person should be able to answer questions about the event and serve as a point of contact for members who have questions.
3) Will the ExxonMobil contact be present at the event? In order to welcome attendees and to help foster community, we require that the ExxonMobil contact be present at the event they are promoting.

If you are interested in creating a study to share with the community, please consider following the starter guide at this link.