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Biblical Leadership Conference 2020

Organizational culture plays an integral role in the organizational success of a company, and The Newton Group Corp was born out of the calling to develop people and instill best practices at the workplace. Faith in God is one of their core values, and they genuinely believe that it’s important when facing difficulties towards career development.

Know more about organizational culture and career development at the Biblical Leadership conference February 8th, 2020 at Faith Bible Church.

Discover and learn practical and biblical leadership principles that you can apply today.

Don’t miss this chance to spiritually develop yourself and be the leader God wants you to be.

See you there!

The event can be found on Facebook here.

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Asymmetrical Leadership


Integrating your Professional, Personal and Spiritual life


The Host Committee and the Staff of CRU Houston/Leader Impact request the pleasure of your company as our guest for lunch on Thursday, December 12th, 2019 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Landry’s 1212 Lake Robbins Dr.

Because seating is limited, reservations are required.

R.S.V.P to 713.522.3314 by December 10th or Email


Speaker: Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore is the CEO and founder of Global Counterpoint. Global Counterpoint comes alongside developing nations and global businesses to facilitate trust relationships, expand economic opportunities and support regional stability.

Jeremy has served as an operational team member in elite special operations units throughout his military career, to include the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) and 10th Special Forces Group.

His background includes leadership development, geopolitical and strategic coalition development and counter-terrorism expertise. As a member of the Special Operations Forces Community, Jeremy is adept and experienced in negotiating withing sensitive and complex cultural environments.

Jeremy has worked and traveled extensively throughout the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. He was specifically chosen to serve in positions of influence and leadership in this region due to his extensive understanding not only of the geopolitical challenges there, but of the implications of those challenges for the United States.

Jeremy will be speaking on these topics among others:

  • The Power of Small Empowered Teams
  • How To Remain Relevant in an Ever-changing Battlefield
  • Sense of Purpose and Mission Host Committee

Thank You Mark Albers!


On March 15th, 2018, Senior Vice President of Exxon Mobil Corporation, Mark Albers, announced his retirement effective April 1st, 2018. Mark has served more than 38 years at ExxonMobil in various capacities both professionally and personally. In addition to the various contributions Mark has made to ExxonMobil as a company (you can read his professional biography here), some of Mark’s most significant contributions have been through the personal relationships he has developed with so many throughout his time at ExxonMobil.

While CCEM was still in the early phases of planning, Mark caught wind of the idea of the Christian Community at ExxonMobil and sought out our website to sign up. CCEM had not even been launched yet, but Mark wanted to ensure he was part of it. In fact, Mark is actually listed as member #1 on the CCEM members log as he technically signed up before any of the original organizers did! That is the type of spiritual leader that he is; his support and excitement from the beginning of CCEM encouraged and has continued to encourage our leadership team.

However, Mark has been heavily plugged into the Christian Community long before CCEM was even an idea. He has been consistently engaged in events at ExxonMobil like the Global Day of Prayer, Alpha, and Cru Houston (formerly Priority Associates). He has also served in his local church, and is on the Board of Trustees at Grace School of Theology. Mark has always made it a priority to be connected with brothers and sisters in Christ, both here at ExxonMobil, and in his local community.

We at CCEM have heard countless stories from you about how Mark has personally encouraged you through your interactions with him. He has always been warm, welcoming, a bright light for the Gospel of Jesus, and a great friend. Although Mark is retiring from Exxon Mobil (we will miss him), it is clear that his work for Christ is not over. We know that Mark will continue to show the love of Jesus, and to encourage the Body of Christ for many more years to come. (If you never got the opportunity to hear Mark share his personal testimony, we encourage you to check it out here)

Thank you Mark for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do. Congratulations on your retirement and good luck in the next phase of your ministry!

A Beacon of Light: Ed Glinka

Ed Glinka

Congratulations to our brother in Christ, Ed Glinka on his retirement with over 36 years of service with Exxon Mobil!

We also want to thank him for being a beacon of light in the community for many years! Check out the interview below to learn more about how Ed has been glorifying God in the workplace:

CCEM:  What parts of the organization have you worked in?

Ed: I have worked in Controller’s all my life but have worked for various groups.  I worked in the Downstream for EMRE and for Supply and Transportation.  I have worked in the Upstream for Exxon Company International  (ECI) in Florham Park, NJ in Financial Reporting and F&O preparation and in EMDC here in Houston in Drilling Financial Services, Process and Controls, and as Sr. Contracts Advisor.

CCEM: We know that you have blessed many people by sending out devotionals to your fellow interested co-workers each month. How long have you been sending out devotionals? 

Ed: I have sent out the devotions for the past 12 years here in Houston.  We also in Florham Park NJ had a Ministry called “Word of the Day” in which a volunteer would share a Scripture passage and provide some commentary on it.  This Word of the Day reached around the world and the distribution list got to well over 200 people! 

CCEM: Where did you get the idea to share devotional materials? 

Ed: I believe The Holy Spirit was moving me to do it.  I was reading and enjoying them and so I began to get this very strong sense that I should share them. 

CCEM: Have you found any additional ways to incorporate your faith in your workplace? 

Ed: I have my Bible at work which I read and have some religious things in my office.  They have at times created discussions (which I am so glad when that happens).  I also usually make it a practice to end my conversations with people by saying “God Bless.”  That at least gets the other person thinking about God…….and has also started conversations about God. 

CCEM: How has incorporating your faith in your work-life impacted you and your walk with the Lord? 

Ed: I believe it has strengthened it and increased my faith.  The more you share the Lord and His Word with others the stronger your faith becomes and the bolder you become.  But I am just like everyone else and have missed opportunities due to fear.  That is the one thing that I regret.  I shouldn’t have let fear get the better of me during those times when I didn’t share because of fear.

CCEM: Do you have any advice for your younger co-workers? 

Ed: Share their faith.  Don’t let fear get in the way.  God is Faithful and will bless you in your efforts to share.

CCEM: Anything else you would like to share? 

Ed: The four greatest ways to develop and strengthen your relationship with the Lord is to Pray daily and throughout the day, Attend Church and Receive Holy Communion weekly, and Read the Bible daily.  God will speak to your heart and your relationship with God will grow deeper and stronger which will encourage you to share the Gospel and speak about God to others. Just start by reading a page of the Bible a day or even half a page a day.   I strongly encourage everyone to do these things and they will see how God will speak to their heart and how He will work in their life.  God’s Blessings to all! Thanks be to God!

Living Your Faith at Work

The 2016 CCEM Living Your Faith at Work Video series has come to an end with the release of the sixth and final video, “Faith in the Workplace.” Throughout the series, we have heard personal testimonies from approximately 20 of our ExxonMobil colleagues about how they live out their Christian Faith at work.

We heard examples of how our colleagues love their neighbors, exhibit Servant Leadership, practice Discipleship, and define Success in the Context of Eternity, all within in their daily work activities. We pray that these examples have been an encouragement and an inspiration as we each search for ways to live out our faith at work. These videos will remain on the CCEM website under the Videos tab for you to re-watch and share with others at any time.

With love,


Performance Reviews

Eternity and Success

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)
John 3:16 may be the most easily recognized verse in the whole Bible. One sentence that says so much, using few words. It is God’s love, grace, and sacrifice for all of mankind on display for anyone who reads John’s writing. It is the entire Gospel summarized in twenty-six simple words that can easily be understood without even needing a PhD in Theology.
What is eternal life? What does it mean that we have eternal life? What does that mean about our earthly life? The concept of eternity is hard for many of us to grasp. Our human nature understanding of time, and the idea of eternity to us translate as something that means “a very long time.” I am sure many of you feel like you have worked at ExxonMobil for “a very long time.” If you recently graduated college, I am sure it seems like you were in school for “a very long time.” For me, it seems like it has taken me “a very long time” to write this article in a way that captures the meaning of eternity. However, the truth is that our minds cannot grasp the fullness of what it means to be with God for eternity.
If as humans we cannot fully grasp eternity, then why does God mention it in arguably one of the most quoted verses in the Bible? Once again, the answer is long and deep, but one reason is so that we can get a glimpse at the magnitude of what God has done for us. In comparison to the victory that we have in Christ, a victory that has eternal consequences, every success of this life pales in comparison to the Success we already have in Christ. And while it is still important to strive for excellence in this life, let us never forget the greatest Success that we have which truly defines us as victors in Christ.

Eternal Success & Performance Reviews

As we enter this season of performance assessment feedback, it is not uncommon to go through some apprehension or even struggle with the results. However, we must always remember our worth, and the worth of our colleagues, is defined by who we are in Christ. We are all children of the living God. With that in mind, how we give and receive feedback is an opportunity to reflect Christ and minister to our fellow employees.
Below are a few articles about maintaining a Christian perspective when it comes to performance reviews.

What does the Bible say about performance reviews

The Pursuit of Excellence

Bible Verses About Work

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