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Create Your Own Study or Chapter

Create Your Own

Bible Study Principles & Guide


Create Your Own CCEM Chapter

  • Leverage (and live) CCEM Mission, Vision and Values
  • Consider CCEM Chapter resources needed for planning & coordination. This may include:
    • Organizing group discussion, prayer, studies, etc.
    • Time commitment outside of work hours
  • Per Guidance for Religious Activities in the Workplace secure local HR no exception
    • HR Online for Managers. If you do not have access to this portal, Contact CCEM
    • A minimal level of incidental personal use of the internet or e-mail is acceptable (see examples)
  • Enable appropriate platform (external host, limited email use) to enhance communication/engagement
  • Comply with Site specific guidance when communicating with others (digital & physical options)
  • Work with Management & HR to ensure Site is a place where Christians can appropriately express their faith
  • CCEM desires to remain as a non-Company Sponsored (ERG) organization


CCEM Houston Campus Background

  • Kicked off in Oct 2014 with objective of creating a framework for Christians in the workplace to meet, communicate events, and interact with each other
  • Coordinated by a Core Team of volunteers complying with HR, Law and P&GA guidance
  • Since its inception has grown organically to over 870 members (2Q18)
  • Serves as a central hub for Christian activities, bringing visibility to its members through the following:
    • Website (external) – Bible Studies and related events highlighted
    • Publishing Quarterly Newsletters
    • Events (bring your Bible to work day, National Day of Prayer, Christmas Social, etc.)


Encountering Him

Encountering Jesus

We take comfort that there is peace and freedom in the presence of our Lord.

Topic:               Encountering Him

Dates:              Wednesdays – May 30 | Jun 6 | Jun 13 | Jun 20

Time:                12:00n – 12:50p (Bring Your Lunch)

Location:         TBC


Contact Abi Adigun to get added to the invite

Ladies Bible Study – Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny


We are pleased to announce our new Ladies Bible Study which will start May 23 and run through June 27. Details are below and we look forward to having many of you join us. Ladies Bible Study: Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny, by Tony Evans.

Find hope in understanding that the sudden or seemingly endless detours in life are God’s way of moving you from where you are to where He wants you to be.

The biblical account of Joseph clearly demonstrates that God is at work even when life seems to be going wrong. Even today, it’s easy to wonder why God would allow calamity to happen or if He’s in control at all. Whether through uncontrollable circumstances or the pain of personal relationships, everyone has experienced unforeseen changes in life. This study helps believers navigate detours that may take you through trials, injustice, and even betrayal. You will be comforted and encouraged when you learn to rest in God’s redemptive plan and the hope found in God’s sovereign will.

This is a six-week video based bible study and while the study guide and book are not a necessary requirement to attend this bible study, they are recommended to deepen your growth. The study guide offers a personal study that provides five days of bible study and learning activities for individual engagement between group sessions. The study guide and book can be found at most book retailers including Lifeway and Amazon.

6 Weeks: May 23 – June 27

Wednesdays: 11:30 – 12:30

To be invited to the study contact Marilyn Devereaux-Ruffin

Salvation History: A Journey through the Old Testament


We will begin a new series (10 parts) entitled “Salvation History: A Journey through the Old Testament.”

In this series, we will cover the 6 covenants God makes with His people and learn how God was preparing the world for the coming of the Messiah.

We will use a popular chart from Jeff Cavins called the Bible Timeline to assist our studies and go through the OT Bible in chronological order.

This study will help you to see and understand the New Testament in a light of the OT covenants and types. You will see how the events of the OT, such as the Passover, tie in directly with the New Testament. You will learn how to interpret some of the more difficult parts of the Bible by understanding the Jewish principles that underlie that scripture and much, much more. People of all faiths are welcome!

Contact Henry Avila to be added to the calendar invite

Location: E2.6B.361; Room may change due to availability

Schedule / Date and Time (CDT): Every Thursday, beginning January 18, 2018 at 11:30am to 12:30pm

Alpha 2018


You are invited to join Alpha, a 12 week program that provides a fun and relaxed way to explore the meaning of life and find out more about the Christian faith.

Alpha 2018 Kickoff: Finding faith that empowers your life, could be your greatest adventure! Got Questions about life? Try Alpha.

Keynote speaker, Tom Schuessler, Upstream Research Company President, will kick off the Alpha series on Wednesday, February 14th from 12 noon – 1 pm CT in both HC and HL. The Kickoff is open to everyone, even those not planning to attend the whole series. A light lunch will be provided at HC.

Alpha Course: Alpha is for anyone who’s curious and is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. Over 29 million people have tried Alpha in 169 countries, and it has been translated into 112 different languages. The Alpha Course will be held weekly from February 14 – Apr 25, 2018, from 12 noon – 1 pm CT in HC and HL after a kickoff on February 14. Each week, there will be free lunch (only at HC), a 30 min video and informal small group discussion. You can attend one, many, or all sessions. Alpha is a place where you can be yourself, you can say what you think and challenge everything. No question is too complex or too simple. What your point of view is, it’s as important as anyone’s.

All are welcome! No registration required.

To stay up to date on the session locations, join our Yammer group.

All reminders going forward will be done through Yammer and your email of choice. Please subscribe to receive weekly reminders through MailChimp. If you decide to use your XOM email address, please remember that this will appear in your Junk Mail folder.

Alpha Tentative Schedule
Week Date HC Location HL Location Topic
Week 1 Feb 14 Horizon HHL/HLW.01.N164 & N174 Is there more to life than this?
Week 2 Feb 21 Horizon HHL/HLW.01.N164 & N174 Who is Jesus?
Week 3 Feb 28 Horizon HHL/HLW.03.N122 Why did Jesus die?
Week 4 Mar 7 Horizon HHL/HLW.01.N164 & N174 How can we have faith?
Week 5 Mar 14 N4.1B.327-347 HHL/HLW.01.N164 & N174 Why and how do I pray?
Week 6 Mar 21 Horizon HHL/HLW.01.N122 only Why & how should I read the Bible?
Day Away Mar 24 CANCELLED The Holy Spirit
Week 7 Mar 28 W4.1A.315-335 HHL/HLW.08.N122 How does God guide us?
Week 8 Apr 4 E4.1A.276/306/326 HHL/HLW.01.N164 & N174 Who is the Holy Spirit?

What does the Holy Spirit do?

Week 9 Apr 11 Horizon HHL/HLW.01.N174 only How can I resist evil?
Week 10 Apr 18 Horizon HHL/HLW.01.N164 & N174 Why & how should we tell others?
Week 11 Apr 25 Horizon HHL/HLE.01.Conference Center Does God heal today?
Week 12 May 2 Horizon HHL/HLW.01.N164 & N174 What about the church?
Week 13 May 9 E3 1st floor: Rooms 276, 326, 306  HHL/W.04.N122 Celebration!

Click here to add these sessions to your calendar.


Alpha Day Away


Catholic Faith Study Series

How the Bible Came to Be

The Bible: How the Bible Came to Be (Series 1 – 4 sessions) We will be covering the history of how the Christian Scriptures were composed and how the various books of the Bible finally came to be as we have them today. We will discuss the various Greek manuscripts and how they were preserved in the centuries prior to the invention of the printing press in the 15th century. In addition, we will touch upon how to interpret the Bible by understanding the various “senses” of scripture. We will also begin discussion on how it uses “typology” to convey the story of salvation history. This will lead us into the 2nd series on Salvation History – A Journey through the Old Testament. People of all faiths are welcome to attend.

Contact Henry Avila to be added to the calendar invite

Location: E2.6B.361; Room may change due to availability

Schedule / Date and Time (CDT): Every Thursday, beginning January 18, 2018 at 11:30am to 12:30pm

Ladies Bible Study – Anxious For Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World


Do you feel weighted down with worry? Does the uncertainty and chaos of life keep you up at night? Are irrational fears your constant companion? Could you use some calm?

This video based study by bestselling author Max Lucado explores God’s treatment plan for anxiety found in Philippians 4:4-8. As you follow the prescription – celebrating God’s goodness, asking for his help, leaving your concerns with him, and meditation on good things – you will experience God’s peace. This is a peace that “transcends all understanding” and will help you reframe the way you look at your fears.

While anxiety is a part of life, it doesn’t have to dominate your life. With God as your helper and his promises at your side, you can sleep better tonight and smile more tomorrow. You can talk yourself off the ledge and view bad news through the lens of God’s sovereignty. You can discover a life of calm and develop tools for combating the onslaught of anxiety.

You will need to purchase the study guide “Anxious for Nothing” which can be found at most book retailers, including Amazon. There is a book, as well, although it is not a necessary requirement for this bible study series, but makes a nice accompaniment.

Where? EMHC – room may vary

When? Wednesday: 11:30-12:30 10 Weeks: January 10 – March 14, 2018

Contact Marilyn Devereaux-Ruffin to be added to the study

Vocation of a Business Leader: A Conversation with Father Nathaniel

Business Leader Slider

December 13 and December 15 – From 11:30am to 1:00pm

A conversation with Father Nathaniel is a 2-part series that explores the roles of Catholics in the business world. Business Leaders are called to engage the contemporary economic and financial world in light of the principles of human dignity and the common good. Father Nathaniel will lead us in a discussion of the “Vocation of Business Leader” document that was created by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. This reflection offers business leaders, members of their institutions, and various stakeholders a set of practical principles that can guide them in their service of the common good Come join us for these brown bag discussions.

Contact Karen Moreno to be added to the study invite


Bible Study Fellowship: Romans

We are excited to announce we will be studying the Book of Romans this year starting, Tuesday, September 19, 2017. This is a great opportunity to study God’s word.

The women’s class meets from 5-7 p.m. on Tuesdays. For women who are interested in participating in this year’s study of Romans, please contact Sharon Snoddy.

Men who are interested in participating in a satellite group here on Campus, please contact Stuart Holland.

Organization:    Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), inter-denominational, independent Bible Study founded in 1959

Founder: Audrey Wetherell Johnson, former missionary to China

Mission: Global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word, and His Church

Locations: Over 1000 classes internationally for women, men, young adults and children.  In the Houston area there are 10 day women’s classes, 6 women’s and men’s evening classes.

BSF format is a four-fold approach.

  1. Daily lesson questions from the Scripture.
  2. Discussion of these questions in a small group atmosphere.
  3. Listening to a lecture of that same passage.
  4. Notes that provide further information on the passage.

Classes meet ~30 weeks each year, with breaks at Christmas, Spring break and during the summer.

BSF currently has the following ten studies:  (1) Genesis (2) Life of Moses, (3) History of Israel 1, (4) History of Israel 2, (5) Isaiah, (6) Matthew, (7) John, (8) Acts of the Apostles, (9) Romans, and (10) Revelation. 

BSF recently added the option for satellite discussion groups which meet separately from the host class. The host class   meets at the First Baptist Church of the Woodlands on Monday nights.  As ExxonMobil employees, we have the opportunity to have women’s and/or men’s satellite groups here on Campus.

Further information about Bible Study Fellowship is available at


2016-2017 Class Studied the Gospel of John

CHECK OUT BSF Featured in this Christianity Today article!

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