On February 1st, 2023, a new study on Salvation History: From Adam to Jesus will begin, providing 10 weeks of perspective that will help you develop a great perspective in understanding the Hebrew/Jewish Culture and history.

This series promises to give you a good understanding of the Old Testament so that you can better understand the New Testament. Some of you may be familiar with Jeff Cavins’ Salvation History classes. This series is built from that concept but has been condensed to get the “meat and potatoes” of the extensive lessons that Jeff has presented.
In this class you will learn about:

  • Adam’s responsibility for the fall of mankind
  • The rising of “secularism” in Cain’s descendants
  • The rise of the enemies of God’s people (and why)
  • The promises made by God to Abraham
  • Why Jerusalem is such a key city
  • The development of the Kingdom of Israel
  • The destruction of the Temple
  • The drama of human history
  • … And much more!

The class will be both in person and online through Zoom. People of all faiths are welcome! You are encouraged to invite others within or outside of ExxonMobil. Notes will be shared for each session a day or two before it is scheduled.

In addition, don’t worry if you miss a few of the 10 classes in this series. If you are able to attend a few only, that is OK, please continue to attend. There will always be a benefit to learning about the Bible, even if you miss classes.

For details, contact Henry Avila.