On Saturday, September 18th 2021, 11 volunteers from our community came together to serve at the United Way agency YES to YOUTH. This was a powerful event in which God was clearly at work.

Here is an excerpt from YES to YOUTH’s website in which they describe their purpose:

YES to YOUTH – Montgomery County Youth Services strengthens the emotional and mental health development of youth and families by providing crisis intervention, counseling, and suicide prevention services. We provide a safe and nurturing home where abused, battered, sex-trafficked, homeless, and at-risk youth begin healing from the past and become empowered for the future.


We called for volunteers to visit the agency and provide a couple of hours of love to these youth, and you answered… And it was incredible. Our time was spent simply: Playing outdoor games like basketball, volleyball, tether ball, and once it was too hot, indoor games like Connect 4 and Skip-Bo. We wrapped up by saying a prayer and serving some delicious Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and other snacks (which were generously donated by members of CCEM).

The games and food was great, but the real treat was seeing the joy on the kid’s faces and realizing that God was being glorified. One of our volunteers shared this great write-up with us:

It [snacks and games] was nice and felt like the kids were happy for the attention, but then the whole atmosphere shifted when one of the teens opened with, “So you guys are Christians… can you tell us what someone has to do to get to heaven?” The next hour or so was several of us sharing the gospel and personal stories, but mostly just answering questions. These kids wanted to know for themselves, but also were asking about how this would impact other family members (and keep in mind that for many, these are estranged family members).

It was heartwarming to see how much they care.  The “too cool” teens that were whomping us in Uno and Connect 4 were suddenly vulnerable, asking the kinds of questions we see Jesus taking on the Bible. So we gave them His answers, and how we have applied those in our lives… The easy ones and the hard ones.

It was truly watching Jesus in action… A complete miracle in motion. We can’t wait to go back and see them again!!

– CCEM Volunteer

We can’t wait to go back either! This was CCEM’s first public outreach event, and we pray that it was just the first of many. Please prayerfully consider serving our next volunteering event. If you have ideas for where else we could serve or know of a need that needs to be met, please let us know.

“To Him be the glory forever and ever.”

– The CCEM Team

Some, but not all, of the day’s volunteers. Thank you for serving!