Study/Event Name: Bible Study Fellowship Group: Study of Matthew (Men and Women’s Groups Available)

Contact Name: Amy Kamenova (Women’s Online Group); Tim Matthews (Mens Online Group); Bob Bahr, Mike Barber (Men’s In Person Group)


Join a Bible Study Fellowship group as we walk through Matthew chapter by chapter, exploring God’s Word in context. We will savor the life of Jesus, from His miraculous birth, insightful teachings, unbelievable miracles and penetrating parables until ultimately journeying alongside Him to the cross and Easter morn. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ shows how God’s one and only Son provides the only path for every human being to find redemption and reconciliation to their Creator God.

Who is Jesus? What do His words have to do with your life? How can Jesus possibly bring peace and satisfaction to your life and broken world today? Explore God’s answers to these questions and more in community.

Women’s Group:

Starts September 2021, ends May 2022
100% via Zoom 
1x per week at 7pm CST on a weekday (day is TBD)
Duration: 40 min 

Men’s Groups

Starts September 2021, ends May 2022
Option for 100% Zoom Group, or In Person (Pending Campus Meeting Protocols)
Tuesday’s at Noon (CST)
Duration: 40 min 

Any one who works for ExxonMobil

Women’s Groups: Email Amy Kamenova with your personal email address, and I will send you the private invitation link

Men’s Groups: Email Tim Mattews (for Online Group) or Bob Bahr/ Mike Barber (for in person group)

To learn more about the study, visit

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