What: New Bible Study on Leading Through Crisis

When: Wednesdays (June 9th – July 21st), from 12-1pm

Where: Zoom

In response to the challenges of 2020, a group of Christian senior leaders at ExxonMobil gathered together monthly in their personal time for prayer and to study Biblical leaders who faced challenging situations. The time together was thought provoking, timely, and encouraging for the group, as they sought to lead our company through a very challenging time.

While 2020 is behind us, crisis situations will continue to present themselves in the future. We are all leaders in some form, and seeking Biblical guidance on how to lead through crisis situations is a great source of help. As such, we will be hosting a 7 week Bible Study on Leading Through Crisis. The content of the study has been developed by a member of our community specially for CCEM, and is the same content used with our Christian brothers and sisters in senior leadership. If you are interested in the study but you are unable to attend the group discussion, we have developed a study guide that you are more than welcome to walk through on your own (or with another small group). Our prayer is that this content will be edifying for you and those you share it with. We hope to see you at the study!

You can register for the study here.

Download Leading Through Crisis Self Study Guide:


  1. Introduction: A Leader’s Call to Study Scripture
    • Leader: The King of Israel
      • Deuteronomy 17: 18–20
  2. Attribute 1: Discipline 
    • Leader: David
      • 1 Samuel 24:1–7
  3. Attribute 2: Seeking Wisdom before Making a Decision
    • Leader: Josiah
      • 2 Kings 22:8 – 2 Kings 23:4
  4. Attribute 3: Vision Setting and Execution
    • Leader: Nehemiah
      • Nehemiah 2: 11–20
      • Nehemiah 4: 7–16
      • Nehemiah 6: 1–9
  5. Attribute 4: Courage
    • Leaders: Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-Nego, Daniel
      • Daniel 3
      • Daniel 6: 1–23
  6. Attribute 5: Integrity and Sincerity 
    • Leaders: Ruth, Boaz
      • Ruth 1:15–18; Ruth 2: 2–12
      • Ruth 3: 8–15; Ruth 4: 5–13
  7. Attribute 6: Humility
    • Leader: Jesus
      • Matt 26: 36–46