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Catholic Faith Study Classes are resuming for the New Year! The dates are Thursday 1/10/19 and 1/17/19

The next session will cover the Papacy or the Office of the Pope. In this class Scripture and history will be used to cover the following:

·       The primacy of Peter

·       Peter as head of the Apostles

·       Peter as the “Rock” upon which the Church was built

·       The power of “Binding and Loosing”

·       The “Keys of the Kingdom”

·       Apostolic Succession

Hope you can make it either in class or on SKYPE! See Skype link below. You can also contact Henry Avila to get on the distribution list.

People of all faiths welcome!

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Audio Files:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Scripture of the Papacy

The Office of the Pope