2017 NDOP Communications

What is Bible journaling? It is basically a great interactive Bible study method that helps you to interact with God’s Word by recording your own thoughts on what you’re reading.

“Bible Journaling is an artistic way to worship God and connect with the Scriptures.  As you are writing, drawing, coloring and embellishing the pages, you are also meditating over the words and thinking about what God is teaching you.  Bible Journaling is a tangible, visual way to remember Scripture and connect with it personally.  When you journal on the pages of your Bible you create for the Creator!  There is no right or wrong way to Bible Journal.  The most important thing is that you are in God’s Word.  Bible Journaling is not about the art or the finished design.  Don’t worry about messing up a page or making mistakes.  It will happen at least once, maybe more.  Let go of perfectionism, fear, unrealistic expectations and rules!  Your Bible is your own and what you put on the pages is personal between you and God.  Your Bible will look nothing like anyone else’s Bible.  The process should be fun and relaxing, not stress inducing.”

During this session you are welcome to use your journaling bible, prayer journal or notebook.  You will also have an opportunity to create using coloring pages and making handmade cards to encourage others.

Contact Lisa Nelson or Marilyn Devereaux-Ruffin to get added to the invite!