The Houston Chapter of the Science & Culture Network is pleased to present a formative series of events for adults and youth alike in the greater Houston area beginning March 31st, 2017.

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 Friday, March 31, 7 pm: Origin Film and expert Q&A with Dr. Paul Nelson and Filmmaker Lad Allen

With spectacular computer animation and cutting-edge research, the film ORIGIN: Design, Chance and the First Life on Earth examines a question that has baffled science for centuries: How did life on Earth begin? 

The film screening will be followed by in person Q & A with one of the film’s featured scholars, philosopher of biology Paul Nelson, as well as the film’s creator Lad Allen.  We hope adults and youth alike can join us at Faith Bible Church on March 31 from 7-9 p.m. for this free, open to the public event in partnership with the Houston Science & Culture Network.

All attending will receive a free DVD of the film at the conclusion of the event!

Where: Faith Bible Church, 5505 Research Forest Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77389

Cost: The event is FREE; registration is requested at

Three expert speakers will be featured in “Deeper Dive” presentation and Q&A sessions on the three successive Tuesday evenings following the Origin film. The events are free and no registration is required.

 Deeper Dive

For all “Deeper Dive” events:

Where: Faith Bible Church, 5505 Research Forest Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77389

Simulcast to: Kingsland Baptist Church, 20555 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX 77450

Cost: The event is FREE; registration is requested at

Tuesday, April 4, 7 pm: Dr. Micah Green on

Is It Rational to Believe in Anything Other Than Science?

Dr Green

Dr. Micah Green completed his Ph.D. at MIT and is currently a professor of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M with research focus in nanomaterial characterization and biological interactions. Dr. Green has observed that it is commonplace in his work and in the culture at large to hold a view of “I don’t believe anything unless scientific reasoning backs it up.” This talk will explore this belief and how: (1) A commitment to naturalistic science means that we cannot consider evidence for the supernatural, even when it is clear, (2) This commitment to science as the only way to knowledge is inherently self-defeating, and (3) A commitment to science as the only way to knowledge makes all talk of values and purpose subjective and meaningless.

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University

National Science Foundation Career Award, 2012; DuPont Young Faculty Award, 2014

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tuesday, April 11, 7 pm: Dr. Walter Bradley on

The Mystery of Life’s Origin: Reassessing Current Theories AGAIN!!

Dr Bradley

Dr. Walter Bradley co-authored the seminal book “The Mystery of Life’s Origin: Reassessing Current Theories” over 33 years ago, highlighting the problems in origin of life theories at the time in perhaps the first comprehensive scientific critique of the field. Dr. Bradley will present an update of how scientists have sought to resolve the problems highlighted in his original book, and give an overview of current hypotheses along with an assessment of whether these approaches are likely to establish a plausible naturalistic explanation for life’s origin.

Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering – Texas A&M University

Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Baylor University

Fellow, Center for Science & Culture, Discovery Institute

Tuesday, April 18, 7 pm: Dr. James Tour on

The Origin of Life – An Inside Story

Dr Tour

Dr. James Tour is one of the ten most cited chemists in the world, has over 600 research publications and over 120 patents, was named among “The 50 Most Influential Scientists in the World Today,” and was ranked as one of the Top 10 chemists in the world over the past decade. Dr. Tour will speak on abiogenesis, the prebiotic process wherein life, such as a cell, arises from non-living materials such as simple organic compounds. An opinion will be rendered showing that current theories and assumptions for how life began are not substantiated, and that the strongest evidence against the proposals of current prebiotic research is the researchers’ own data. 

  1. T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Chemistry, Rice University

Professor of Computer Science, Rice University

Professor of Materials Science and Nano Engineering, Rice University

Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology