For the first time in ten years, God has provided a Young Adult Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) presence in Houston this fall. He has blessed it greatly, with about 75 members and we believe more will come.  Like many Satellite Discussion Groups (SDGs), the prayer is that the group grow into a full class.  But in order to maintain some balance between men and women, more men need to be encouraged to attend to avoid a waiting list for women.  Would you be part of that effort?

I know most of us are over 35, but each of us works with, works out with, or goes to church with men under 35. They are in our neighborhoods, are our children or friends of our children.  I’d like to suggest that you can be an Andrew and invite them to “come and see”.  But make it easy for them.  We know that newcomers can be intimated by finding the church, a place to park or even the room for the meeting. But once they get there, God can work in their heart.  So will you not only invite that man, but perhaps take him to dinner on a Thursday night close to BridgePoint Bible Church at 13277 Katy Freeway, then get him to the church on time for class at 6:55pm?  Walk him upstairs to the Youth area of the church and see where he will be studying.  Introduce him to Nathan Curtain and Hannah Lengefeld of the Admin team to break the ice.  That would be a powerful way to show him you care about his spiritual growth.

Location: Bridgepoint Bible Church, 13277 Katy Freeway

Time is Thursday evenings at 6:55 pm

For more information please contact Stuart Holland – MySite