Eternity and Success

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)
John 3:16 may be the most easily recognized verse in the whole Bible. One sentence that says so much, using few words. It is God’s love, grace, and sacrifice for all of mankind on display for anyone who reads John’s writing. It is the entire Gospel summarized in twenty-six simple words that can easily be understood without even needing a PhD in Theology.
What is eternal life? What does it mean that we have eternal life? What does that mean about our earthly life? The concept of eternity is hard for many of us to grasp. Our human nature understanding of time, and the idea of eternity to us translate as something that means “a very long time.” I am sure many of you feel like you have worked at ExxonMobil for “a very long time.” If you recently graduated college, I am sure it seems like you were in school for “a very long time.” For me, it seems like it has taken me “a very long time” to write this article in a way that captures the meaning of eternity. However, the truth is that our minds cannot grasp the fullness of what it means to be with God for eternity.
If as humans we cannot fully grasp eternity, then why does God mention it in arguably one of the most quoted verses in the Bible? Once again, the answer is long and deep, but one reason is so that we can get a glimpse at the magnitude of what God has done for us. In comparison to the victory that we have in Christ, a victory that has eternal consequences, every success of this life pales in comparison to the Success we already have in Christ. And while it is still important to strive for excellence in this life, let us never forget the greatest Success that we have which truly defines us as victors in Christ.

Eternal Success & Performance Reviews

As we enter this season of performance assessment feedback, it is not uncommon to go through some apprehension or even struggle with the results. However, we must always remember our worth, and the worth of our colleagues, is defined by who we are in Christ. We are all children of the living God. With that in mind, how we give and receive feedback is an opportunity to reflect Christ and minister to our fellow employees.
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