To the Christian Community in EM (CCEM),

As I write to you, I pray that you would want to depend more in God. Our broken world is in great need of healing and revival. While Jesus returns as He will, we are commissioned to spread His love and be builders of His Kingdom on earth.

The Scriptures are full of references on the need and importance in prayer. Doesn’t mater what we have done or where we are in our journey with God, He wants us to need Him. To pray to Him. To talk to Him.

God wants a continuous, ongoing, loving, close relationship and prayer is one vehicle. Not only when things go wrong (and they will), not only on special occasions or Sundays. He wants an every day, need, dependence on Him.

I pray that all those that decided to join CCEM in Houston, will join us in prayer on Oct 28 at 6:30 am when 20 countries and over 40 EM sites virtually come together during the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP).

Just as Jesus prayed for us and our unity (John 17), let us come together and pray.

Are you ready? Are you wiling? It is our choice to be active participants in God’s plan. Join us in prayer. Looking forward to see you the morning of Oct 28.

Samuel Ortiz
Global Marketing Controls Advisor