Many years ago, I was invited to hear Mark Albers speak at an event put on by Priority Associates.  Now I didn’t really know exactly what this was all about, but I knew that for a young engineer in the company any words of wisdom from our senior leaders would be time well spent.  But I also knew something else about this particular leader.

I had first met Mark Albers at a luncheon when he was the president of EMDC.  Among other things, Mark talked about what makes a strong leader and specifically used the Old Testament example of David as he described some of these key traits.  What impressed me most was how it came across so naturally and he did it in appropriate way that blended his personal faith with a message that made sense to the entire audience.

It turned out the Priority Associates event was yet another chance to hear Mark speak on drawing upon his faith to support his work.  The added benefit this time however, was getting involved with a network of my colleagues who shared my Christian faith.

I continued to get invites from Priority Associates for their monthly lunch and attended more than a dozen over the years.  I found out Priority Associates was run by Cru Houston (same organization that operates Campus Crusade for Christ) and specifically looks to serve Christians in the workplace.  Their stated mission is to strive to create a network of business professionals committed to developing leaders “from the inside out” and believe it is important to see the relevance of the Bible in your life and to have an impact at work and in the community.

In Houston alone, there are five regional business districts with their own unique group: Downtown, Galleria, Greenway, Energy Corridor and The Woodlands.  In each of these business districts, they offer a monthly lunch with a speaker. The speakers range from CEO’s of major oil companies to pro football players. The diverse topics span from ethics in the work place to unique mission work led by real people who use their talents to serve while still maintaining their day job.  We have had several ExxonMobil executives speak over the years and I have yet to be disappointed amongst the wide range of topics.

The event is very professional and non-threatening which I’ve found perfect for inviting a friend along.  The current monthly meetings are held at Landry’s restaurant in the Woodlands and there is a small fee to cover the cost of the lunch.  To get on the official email invite, you can email dennis.combrink@gmail.com.

And now for the big reveal (which was somewhat blown by the title of this article).  Coming up this April 30th, Mark Albers is scheduled once again to be the speaker at Cru Houston’s Priority Associates event in The Woodlands.  More information to come on how to RSVP, but block your calendar for lunch on that date and let’s make sure Mark feels welcome in the backyard of the new campus!

-Brian Engelman, Brian’s MySite