4/14/2015: Please note that an update on Bloom has been published at this link.


Name:  Bloom

Location: Ulsan, South Korea

Description: Contemporary worship service organized by expats.  Format generally follows the protestant tradition: music, sermon, prayer.  Sermon is streamed and projected to large screen

Facebook Link:  Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom is an example of the Christian community making a conscious decision, coming together to worship using whatever means the Lord has provided.  This particular effort was spearheaded by an ExxonMobil employee in 2012 (Graham Caver) but has a wide array of expats from other companies and backgrounds that are active in leadership and fellowship.  The format is “low maintenance” but extremely effective providing a place to worship and fellowship together while on international expatriate assignment.

– Brian Engelman – Brian’s MySite (mobilized Aug 2014)